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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  November 17, 2010 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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. protesters raise their voices voices and fight with police due to a hike in tuition. officers use batons and pepper spray to keep crowds under crow. this was the scene today when demonstrators tried to cross a police barricade. 13 people were taken into custody. a hike that many say would make an education unaffordable. they are expected to vote tomorrow on whether or not to increase the rates. until then, kron 4's jonathan
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bloom tells us the students will continue to voice their opposition. the police kept everyone out from attending this meeting and people were outraged and they created such a stir that after one began using a barricade as a weapon, police fought back. >> i felt like it was going on for quite a while. i lost track of time. there was no warning. >> feels like a chemical burn that doesn't stop. >> reporter: he thinks police used excessive force. but when he showed our video to the chief, she disagreed. >> the officers were holding the line. baton is used for that purpose. >> reporter: most were out on bail several hours later. >> they arrested some people and i was one of them. we will have a court date and
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we will make sure the charges are drop. >> he tried to hold a second rally at uc berkeley. few people showed up and the rally was canceled. the message remains, college should not be the for rich and the university's promise of more financial aid is simply a ban aid over a bigger issue. >> does not solve the issue. it's a right. we cannot have them at midricher students to fund an education. education should be open to everybody. >> reporter: on the uc campus, jonathan bloom kron 4 news. >> board considering an 8% increase in student fees. that amounts to $822 increase ask that would be $11,124
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annually. the vote is scheduled for tomorrow. new tonight at 11:00. upcoming hearing on the constitutionality on same-sex marriage will be tell vised. they granted c-span permission to carry the proceedings live. it is scheduled for december 6. supporters are appealing an august ruling that struck down prop 8. some jobs will be lost at state farm, it is closing down. effecting about 530 jobs. a spokesperson said most of the jobs will be relocated. but not all. they are also closing 9 satellite offices in california, san francisco, san ramon and watsonville.
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major layoffs, 750 jobs will be cut. some will be manufacturing positions and additional 200 jobs will be cut from other parts of the company. and another 100 positions will be cut from vac aville. muney service was disrupted due to a derailment. no injuries were reported. no other vehicles were involved. bus shuttles were operated in the area. the operator will be tested for drugs and alcohol. another day of gruesome details in the case of a gang rape of oo 16-year-old girl. this was the scene as the 7
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defendants entered the courtroom. each one was hand cuffed and feats chained. dan has details. >> reporter: these are the 7 suspects accused of raping a 16- year-old girl in october of last year. during day three the attorneys tried to suggest sex was consensual. during cross examination, he admitted while arriving on the scene, she was getting medical tension to the victim. while she identified 30 pieces evidence she ended up leaving the crime scene and it was another investigator who ended up collecting the evidence and
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writing a report about it. she said in between the time she left and the other investigator arrived, officers were posted at the location to preserve the crime scene but she has no knowledge who went in or out. one of the defense attorneys asked her how well she remembers the crime scene, she said she tries not to remember the case. testimony is patakied to -- expected to resume on thursday. a quick look at other top stories from around the bay. >> reporter: leon was shot and killed while on a break from his ged class. police have few leads in the case but one source said they are looking at a couple of
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possible motives. they say maybe some of the problems he had may have fallowed him here. >> reporter: police are searching for three suspects who teraerized patesrens and employees here at chuck e. cheese. three suspects entering the store late saturday night. they demanded money from employees at gun point. the men fled the restaurant. three african american males. the despite between meg whitman and her former housekeeper has been settled with both side declaring
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victory. a $5,500 settlement, neither side accepting blame. this is the last we will be hearing about this case. busy through the weekend, showers, rain, windy conditions, cold temperatures. we have the gamut of conditions. we will talk all about it coming up in a bit.
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dramatic video of a jewelery store robbery. happened monday. you can see six people in black, you see them there, storming into a jewelery store. they used hammers to steel the jewelery out of the cases. you can see a lot of frightened shoppers. police continue to look for those crooks. an unusual incident at a burger king. a man gets a unwanted message
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on hit receipt. he says he checked his receipt and found a four letter word on it. >> i show the guy, he laughs and was like, you know -- >> reporter: didn't say sorry? >> no. >> reporter: mistake? >> no sorry. i will fix it. i am embarrassed. humiliating. this is what i get. >> the manager of the restaurant says this never happened before. burger king says it will investigate. we will take a break. we will be right back. [ bell rings ]
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in national news, millions of shares in jural motors will be up for grabs tomorrow. the government will unload 400 million shares of gm. that will reduce the government's steak in the
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company to 33%. it will raise almost $14 billion for the government. tomorrow's event has the special to be -- potential ipo in history. the nancy pelosi will shift to minority leader in january. the vote was conducted by secret ballot in a closed door gathering on capitol hill. john boehner will be the new speaker of the house. sara palin says she is thinking about running for president in 2012. catherine explains what sara palin had to say. >> let's get the fish. >> reporter: her tv show had a record debut. her boughter is in the finals of dancing with the stars and now sara palin has her eye on
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the white house. she says she doesn't see much difference between the other hopefuls. sara palin told the new york times i am engaged in the internal deliberations and having that discussion with my family. if he does run she will have to make up a lot of run. voters would choose president obama over sara palin. a separate poll finds her negative rating at a all time high. it's been climbing for two years. it stands at 52%. you could put this man on the list, steven collin. he blasted his tv set after seeing bristol palin dancing on tv. catherine, kron 4 news. cooler out there today and
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the cooler weather continues into tomorrow. fog long the coast and north bay valleys already seeing the fog. tomorrow morning very cold. in the low 40s 40s for the most part. upper 30s for the north bay. not as warm at noon, increasing cloud cover. 5 degrees cooler than today. a look at our picture, storm up to the north is bringing quite a bit of rainfall to washington and oregon. this is going hit us over the weekend. on friday we will start to see rain. noon on friday, doesn't look like much. pay attention here, a stream of moisture gets caught up in this storm and it intensifies. you can see heavier rain, and then we will see it spread through the south bay and off to the east. at 5:00, we have wide spread showers. north bay skirting this. continuing with the showers.
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tapers over night but the rain will be back on saturday and more intense. you will find more of that yellow. a look at your 7 day forecast, that's the story, on and off rain. heavy at times. windy conditions, saturday and sunday, snow levals will be dropping. the rain sticks with us into early next week as the early temperatures. eva longoria wants out of her marriage. the star filed for divorce from tony parker. eva longoria filed for divorce citing irreckon siluable differences. ryan reynolds is people's
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magazine sexiest people alive. she about to star has it green landern. this year it's a 25th anniversary of people's first sexiest man. and pink is pregnant. he made be seeing a lot more pink. she believes she is having a girl. she didn't want to announce it earlier because she had a miscarriage in the past. they have always wanted a baby. coming up next the best joke from today's big game lunch in and the sharks look to extend their win streak. what a wall, late in the game, gary has the highlights and all the sports, he is next.
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all right. good evening everybody.
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after a nice stretch at home it's road time for the sharks, they are in colorado. this guy's record, 113 wins, 43 losses. he has been dine nite leading the sharks. first goal, 3-1. sharks appear to put the game on ice. that would have made it 4-1. goal is ruled a high tip. watch it again. >> above the cross bar. >> exactly right. if you can't hang, step aside. >> learning. >> kevin porter wins it 4-3. one more time, jackie, the goal that would have iced it for the sharks. >> above the cross bar. >> god, i love you. just to talk to a woman who knows sports. if it's above -- >> i heard. [ talking at the same time ]
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>> warriors off till next friday night. stevey and chris bosh, lebron james, oh, boy, the miami heat bought got off to a so-so start but now they are coming. bosh's best game. trying to find out where he fits. 35 for bosh. dwyane wade and lebron james combinedbined for 47. miami is only going to get better. the kings are still the kings. they are playing the pistons tonight in detroit. lamar, i will give him credit, he is playing real nice. 25-12. 103-90. lakers off to a 10-2 start. big party continues for saturday's big game. [ music playing ]
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>> this is the guardsman lunch. that's probably number one all week. various locations throughout the bay area. host the luncheon, jimmy, ted, probably both those guys -- they want to coach football. bob, though, he is a comedian. >> they have 7th in the country,anch 40 points a game, lead the nation in 3rd down conversion, offensive line allowed just four sacks, defense two shut outs. ladies and gentlemen, this year's team has more weapons than a security guard at a raiders game. >> all right. bob always gets laugh, unless you are a raiders fans. davis had a decent year, 30 years old, hit .284. skoal 50 bases. played with the giants. always looks good when he first
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gets there, the more you look at him, you can do better. so he is going to toronto. the a's receive minor league players. the big story, the a's offered adrian beltre 5 years, $64 million. our contact at espn passing this along. the red sox have a lot of funds to pay for so they have to decline before he can move. bochy received only one vote for manager of the year. the winner, bud black edged dusty baker by one vote. honored for the 15 game turn around. bruce bochy, third and. ron honored as the -- ron gardenhire honored as the american league manager of the year. have you ever seen the umpire, when the manager throws the
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